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I can’t tell you how great your solar stack is, it has cut our time in half on tile roofs. Our installation crew loves It, and so do our customers. I can’t believe how much money it’s saved me. Thanks again, Tim!

As I mentioned, I was very pleased with the Solar Stack product. It is a great solution for racking on a flat roof with a rubber membrane. My customer was extremely happy to NOT have any roof penetrations on his new rubber roof. He had considered a metal roof. So he was even more excited to have the cost savings provided by Solar Stack. The installation was so easy that I and my crew look forward to the next Solar Stack job.

I installed new solar panels and I didn’t want any holes in my new roof I used Solar Stack roofing mounts and they work great with no drill holes on my roof.

I recommend using Solar Stack mounts. They work great and make it very easy to install solar panels.

We used Solar Stack on our latest solar project and it cut the installation time in half! Instead of it taking two to two-and-a-half days, we finished in just one day. I’m truly amazed!

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